Buying or starting a business is a major decision – there are many things to consider including the potential for future financial and tax problems after the business is up and running. It’s important to talk to a qualified accountant before making such a big decision. We love to see small business owners succeed and starting a business can be the start of a great journey. That’s why we offer detailed advice regarding your new business venture, to make sure you have all the information you need to make a smart decision.

If you are buying a business, we can assist by conducting a due diligence review of the figures to make sure you are not overpaying for the business, which can save you thousands of dollars. We’ll conduct a complete review of the finances of the business, assess its true profitability, advise on potential risks, weaknesses and tax issues, as well as potential sources of finance.

We’ll make sure you’ve got the right business structure in place, as well as the accounting, tax and legislative side of things. This is a critical step as it affects the protection of your assets and can save you money in tax if done properly.

To ensure you have the most efficient systems from day, we’ll set you up with the latest accounting systems. This will save you many headaches and potential lost hours down the track. Buying or starting a business is an exciting time, but one that can cause stress and pressure if it’s not handled properly. Let us provide a full review of your business purchase or assist you to set up your new business.

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