The basics

Has anyone ever explained the basics of asset protection and business structures to you?

When running a business, you have risks whenever you enter into a business relationship. Whether it be with customers, suppliers, employees or banks. The general purpose of business structure is to separate those business risks from your assets.

Protect what you’ve worked hard to build

How does losing all of your money, your house and paying more in taxes sound? It doesn’t sound fun, right?

Being in business is the quickest way to go bankrupt and lose all your assets. As confronting as this sounds, it’s a danger that every business owner is faced with. Having the wrong business structure in place can expose your assets and can cost you more in tax.

Empower’s Asset Protection Review gives you insights into your current structures, as well as a list of recommendations to further enhance the protection of your assets. This review will also make sure you have the most tax effective structure for your individual circumstance.

You have worked hard to accumulate your assets, so let’s make sure we keep them in your hands.

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